The Secret to Perfect Hardboiled Eggs

My hardboiled eggs are an art form that I learned from none other than the kitchen guru/foodie herself, Chrissy Teigen. I grew up thinking hardboiled eggs were just hardboiled eggs — they were but one and the same. Well, until Chrissy Teigen showed us that we were doing it wrong.

Eating hardboiled eggs goes past patting yourself on the back for choosing a healthy snack to curb a craving. It’s closer to an experience that can be incredibly gratifying or incredibly frustrating. Peeling off the shell alone will set tone for what mood you’ll be in for the next 5-10 minutes and it’s a big deal. For years, I never knew the difference or the joy I’d feel — in eating a properly hardboiled egg. The shell has to be easy to peel off, and the yolk perfectly cooked. It’s the small joys in life are the life raft we are desperately clinging to in staying afloat in dark ocean of 2020. And yes– that means the joy that comes from the satisfaction of the shell slipping effortlessly off your hardboiled eggs.

Perfect Hardboiled Eggs

You Will Need:

  • Medium-large sized pot and lid (size depends on how many eggs you’re cooking).
  • Stove
  • 1 Tablespoon of Baking Soda *or* Vinegar
  • Cold Water
  • 2-4 large cups of ice


  • Place your eggs carefully in your pot. Fill the pot up with cold water until it’s covering the eggs. Add baking soda/vinegar (this makes a super easy peel!) and stir until dissolved.
  • Place your pot on the stove and turn the heat on high until the water is boiling.
bring water to a rolling boil, then turn your burner off
  • Once the water starts to boil, turn the burner off and cover the pot with the lid.
  • Set the timer and let your eggs sit in the covered pot — time depends on how cooked you like your yoke. Generally, 4-6 minutes is a softer yolk, 8 minutes is medium and 12 minutes is fully done.
cover your hardboiled eggs after turning burner off
  • When the timer goes off, carefully dump the hot water into the sink and fill the pot with cold water. Add a bunch of ice and let the eggs sit in the ice water for about 20 minutes.
after cooking, put hardboiled eggs in ice water

When you’re ready to eat your eggs, gently roll them on a hard surface to crack the shell all around, peel and enjoy with a little salt, pepper and your favorite seasoning (pictured here is my favorite taco seasoning!). Store the rest of your hardboiled eggs in the fridge and enjoy as a go-to snack, a toast topping or chopped and mixed into a salad!

flavor your hardboiled eggs with salt, pepper, and your other favorite seasonings.
salt, pepper and my personal favorite: taco seasoning

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