Our Style Edit: All Things Denim

It feels almost offensive to saying that denim is a trend– like we’re reducing it to a mere temporary commodity. A fad that will be inevitably obsolete, a fast-fashion induced memory.

The truth is, denim will never be a trend. It’s a lifestyle. A timeless wardrobe staple, again and again and again throughout the decades. Denim is deeply rooted in our culture and will always be relevant, no matter how it’s cut or styled. Our styles are ever-evoling, but denim will always have it’s own private section of prime real estate in our wardrobes. We’re more than okay with that.

Denim will forever hold the honorable title as fashion’s “Common Denominator”.

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So pull out your denim, no matter the year they were made and wear them as they are in their full, resplendent glory or alter/up-cycle them to make them even more uniquely yours. We love and accept all combinations, shades and textures, and different cuts of denim, because it universally is the one thing that can make anyone look so darn good.

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Whether you’re up-cycling an old pair of Levi’s, cutting your pants into shorts, or about to go thrifting for something new (because who buys brand new jeans anymore?), use our denim edit as a style guide when updating your wardrobe, and use it as a reference the next time you decide to go thrifting for new washes, upcycle an old pair of Levi’s,

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