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How The British Picnic Saved Our Lockdown Summer+#refinery29uk
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By Roya Ansari

Stylish little picnics are some of the happiest memories from my childhood. My sister and I had a special picnic spot under the apple tree, where we’d go barefoot in our frilly cotton dresses, unbrushed hair cascading down our backs; flower crowns made from dandelions; glass tea cups refracting sunlight and projecting rainbow kaleidoscopes onto a checkered blanket. These were magical times that still haven’t lost their magic.

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Why Picnic? To F*cking Relax.

It’s been a weird summer, to put it lightly, so I’m not surprised that the #cottagecore #fairycore picnic aesthetic has been such a vibe. The sole purpose of a picnic is simply to f*cking relax. Lounging on a soft blanket, eating nourishing foods and partaking in relaxing activities like reading, napping, drawing/journaling, etc… is there anything better?

Picnics are so magical because they allow us to tap into our childhood days of dressing up and playing pretend. Picnics ask us to practice the art of simply being.” The pros are endless: they’re adventurous without time-commitment, won’t leave you physically exhausted, they’re eco-friendly, kid-friendly and completely FREE OF CHARGE.


Pure Childhood Bliss

When my sister Jen and I were kids, we’d picnic under a giant apple tree by our house. In the thick of a hot suburban summer day, we’d have picnics and sip tea with our stuffed animals and imaginary friends. These were simpler times, before the internet and cellphones. Safely isolated on our little blanket island in a sea of freshly cut grass, we’d cloud-gaze, sip tea, and daydream. It was pure childhood bliss.

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A Last “Hurrah” Before the Winter

In lieu of closing the chapter of this very strange summer, indulge in a picnic as a last hurrah to close out the season. Bring your partner, your Q-tine buddy, your furry friend, or go solo and make it an experience to hold onto in the coming winter days. We’ve curated a round up of our favorite things to nail down that magical #PicnicAesthetic we all know and love so dearly.

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Our Picnic Style Edit

Selkie La Belle Etoile French Puff Dress, $310

A perfect romantic country dress, designed for daytime leisure and pleasure. The fabric has an antique French print from the 1800’s, delicate lace trimmings and is made with a sturdy cotton fabric to hold its puff shape. The tight, corset-style bust is paired with a circular-style skirt that allows for any size stomach, butt and hips. This particular combination makes it so darn cool because your dress size is simply your bra size! So easy and effortless to wear, and perfect for picnics and twirling.

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The Ultimate Picnic Shoe Crush: Brother Vellies Burkina Slide in “Topanga Picnic”

Everyone loves a classic sandal with a bow with that traditional picnic blanket pattern. Even better, all Brother Vellies shoes are handmade from bi-product or environmentally conscious materials. Because of this, no two pairs will ever be identical, and each pair has its own personality, making them yours and yours alone.

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Other Shoes We’re Kind of Obsessed With

  1. Vintage Marino Boutique Holographic Butterfly Mules
  2. Madewell Teva Universal Sandal
  3. Miu Miu Check Print Slingback Pump
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Carry Your Freshly Picked Fruit and Save the Earth

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Cotton Mesh Canvas Bag

the earthling co. COTTON MESH CANVAS BAG, $12

A highly durable canvas bag for fruit picking, books, and a light picnic blanket. These bags are made from 100% organic cotton, they’re ethically made, 100% backyard compostable and 10% of the profits are donated to environmental conservation. Win-win-win!


Cozy Up with One of These Picnic Blankets

  1. Benevolence LA Hand-Woven Adventure Blanket , $20
  2. VonShef Picnic Blanket (Waterproof), $30
  3. NEMO Victory Blanket, $50-$150
  4. Trek Light Gear Blanket, $88+
  5. Linen Beach Blanket (via TheBalticGreen on Etsy), $60
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Sip in Style


Pottery Barn Happy Hour Acrylic Wine Glasses in Peach $4-$9

These super chic acrylic wine glasses are super durable for outdoors (or if you’re just plain clumsy). They’re made with glass-like quality material that is both shatter-resistant and dishwasher friendly.


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Indulge in a picnic + tag us on Instagram! We want to see how you create your own magic. Don’t forget your SPF!


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