An Old School Beauty Hack: The Instant Lash Lift

This is not a drill. I repeat.

This. Is. Not. A. Drill.

After you admire this adorable little pony’s lashes, keep reading to have your mind blown by one of the OG beauty hacks that stands the test of time.

(Photo by Chrissie Kremer)

Raise your hand if no matter how long you curl your lashes for, it doesn’t do a damn thing, and they fall back to their natural flat shape after 20 minutes. It’s pretty common more often than not. It can be frustrating, and your pockets can empty quickly during the scramble to find a quick fix, whether it’s paying for an overpriced lash curler or going into the salon for a lash lift. If you are a flat-lashed gal and don’t want to fork over the cheddar for a lash lift, then keep reading.

I’ve read this a dozens of times in magazines and I know a few friends that also do this trick.  All you do is rub a tiny amount of Vaseline into the lashes (enough so that there’s a small coating all over) (honestly, any petroleum or emollient t oil-based balm or chapstick works too— just make sure it’s natural and fragrance-free) and curl them with a lash curler. For the rest of your day, your lashes not only stay curled, but the sheen and texture of the balm on your lashes creates an illusion of fuller lashes that are a few shades darker. Wait— what??

I know what you’re thinking, because I still think the same thing every time I do it. It doesn’t make any sense. When I first read about it, I didn’t even give it a second thought. I saw it later over time mentioned in interviews with celebrities in beauty magazines like Allure or Cosmo, and I still thought it was bullsh*t if I’m being totally transparent. I never gave thought to trying it out (which is a big deal— if there’s advice recommended by multiple beauty experts, I’m on board) until years later when I ran into a friend at a wedding. Her lashes were tinted, glossy and perfectly curled the whole night long. I said to her at one point, “You must’ve gotten a lash lift, how was that experience?” (—I had always wanted to try it out to cure my flat-lash syndrome) and to my surprise, she responded with a, “Well no…. I actually didn’t.” Which of course prompted me with the follow up question, but she already started to respond as if she had read my mind. She said, and I quote…

“I put vaseline on them and curled the sh*t out of them”.

Me: “That’s all? No mascara? It stays on all day long? Like… for real though?” Take into mind that at this point in the conversation, my face was already a mere couple of inches away from her face, and I wasn’t subtle in sussing out her lashes carefully to look for any error in her statement– as if she was lying straight through her teeth.

My friend: “Yeah dude. That’s literally it”. I looked at her dumbfounded, because I had read about the trick done before as I previously mentioned but I never took it seriously enough to question if it was actually a real thing.

The next morning I did exactly what my friend said she did. I put a little bit of Vaseline on my lashes and curled the shit out of them. And it was nothing short of a mind-blowing experience— the thrilling feeling of an unexpected reward or luck-of-the-draw, similar to a dopamine rush that comes with stumbling upon a Benji in your jacket pocket.

My lashes stayed curled all day. It even held mascara better (I do not recommend this however, this is different for everyone depending on their skin type). Needless to say that was the day my life was forever changed and it’s now the first thing I do when I get up in the morning, and the first beauty hack that I will teach my future daughter one day. I no longer need to keep an eyelash curler in my car or an extra one in my gym bag/purse. It’s simply that good.

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