Art Deco: Where Art Collecting Meets Functionality

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Art Deco design is IN, we’re calling it now. Art Deco is a design concept in which functional items are as aesthetically beautiful as they are useful. Interior design and art collection are no longer separate but synonymous. Artform, meet function. This funky, eclectic, 80’s style is popping up everywhere, giving the mid-century minimalist aesthetic a run for its money.

Where [ART] Form Meets Function

Lately, it feels like we’re searching for something…anything, that might suggest that the metaphorical cup of Life As We Know It is still capable of being half-full. As each month unfolds into yet another nightmare in the Shit-Show of 2020, we’re looking for *anything* bigger than ourselves to cling on to. We’re searching for God, the Divine, a Higher Power, anything, in the details. Surrounding oneself with beauty is a form of self-care.


Interior Design Turned Curated Art Exhibit

Interior decor is a way to acknowledge that your space is sacred and that you’re worthy of such a space. It goes a lot deeper than you might think. This new creative projection of personal style means that living spaces are no longer just living spaces, but well-curated art exhibits.

Corners and ordinary flat surfaces are adorned with carefully-placed objects that blur the line between form and function (because they’re capable of both). The humble mug – once a utilitarian object to sip coffee from, is now a conversation piece if abandoned half-finished on the table. Thanks to the wild west of Instagram, this newly-evolved creative lifestyle has us gleefully feasting our eyes on warmly lit Murano lamps, wonky mirrors, twisty pastel candles, chunky ceramics, and color-block rugs. And that just scratches the surface.

In a society that glorifies materialism, we’re constantly on the hunt for the exclusively-made, the limited editions, the customized items. From little handmade delights like twisty-candles, chunky ceramic mugs, wonky-framed mirrors that could’ve been crafted by the hand of Dalí himself, blown glass vases, oddly-shaped furniture, abstract rugs that resemble Picasso’s paintings, acrylic decor and so many other hybrids of modern art and utilitarian house objects that are making a comeback.

Here is our roundup of products, curators, designers, and inspiration for Art Deco design. #apartmenttherapy


Pastel Vases, Blown Glass + Murano Lamps That Will Make You Cry


Colored glassware, perfumed candles and other handmade objects based in Sydney, Australia.



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Peach Ceramic Shell Vase
Lime Green Glass Vase
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Peachy Pink Ceramic Vase

Millefiori Interior @millefiori_interior

The home to all of the #muranolamps you can dream of, and where my mind immediately goes when it gets stuck in that 2020 loop.


Abstract Candles to Rule the Land

Scatter your space with colorful, abstract candles and don’t wait for the power to go out to light them. Some of our favorite candle connoisseurs:





Level-up Your Wall Art


Mirrors with fringe (seriously, why have I never thought of this?!) and using rope to instead of macrame adds some serious sculptural volume.


Contemporary art prints



Boldly colored art prints, textiles, towels, blankets, pillows, kids clothing, etc.


Color-Blocked Rugs, Funky-Shaped Objects, and Contemporary Furniture


Probably my personal TOP favorite rug/textile artist! Based in Brooklyn, NY.





One of my personal favorites when it comes to home furniture in funky, colorful shapes!


Sipping in Style: Ceramic mugs + unique glass cups





Sugarhouse Ceramic (@sugarhouseceramicco)

Harper Jensen @freckledpottery

The name speaks for itself, as all of her pieces have freckles! I thought it was such a cute, simple but super unique way to stand out.

Studio Arhoj (@studioarhoj)


Our Favorite Curated Vintage Home Objects, Furniture + Decor

Resident Objects (@residentobjects)

The cutest contemporary decor including abstract candles, pastel ceramic vases and vintage dishes to store our jewels. Curated home objects by @camillelenore + @yukasaur


Abigail Bell Vintage (@abigailbellvintage)

Part online vintage and contemporary home decor, part interior design inspiration, Abigail Bell Vintage is one of our favorite online vintage home decor shops.

Coming Soon (@comingsoonny)

New York based shop focused on home fashion, contemporary design objects and vintage furniture.

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