What is Femmezoner?


FEMMEZONER is a cultural cartography of the millennial experience, curated by women who are redefining the boundaries of success and femininity.


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Roya + Jen 2020

We are Roya + Jen, the founders of FEMMEZONER, a lifestyle website we’ve spent the last 2.5 years building from scratch. We are beyond excited to finally launch FEMMEZONER to the public! We were originally planning to launch in September 2020, however with the current events surrounding covid19 and the increased screen time that comes with being stuck at home, we’ve decided to drop Femmezoner mid-Spring 2020 to bring you more fresh, binge-able content during these trying times with hopes to put a smile on your face.

FEMMEZONER asserts that art is life, beauty is political and the language of the divine feminine is sacred. We embrace uncertainty as a catalyst for growth and we hold space for addressing the taboo. We proudly wear our pearls but never clutch them. We love glitter and pink bed sheets as much as we enjoy dismantling the patriarchy. We are artists, educators, lovers, mothers, entrepreneurs, leaders, and healers. We can’t be commodified and we aren’t easily defined. 

FEMMEZONER is more than the average lifestyle blog. We created FEMMEZONER to be a digital playground and a wellspring of inspiration. Come with us on a visual joyride as we investigate art, culture, style, beauty, health and wellness through sit-down interviews, think-pieces, expert reviews + recommendations, accompanied by vivid imagery that will leave you more excited than when you arrived. 

Rather than convincing you that your life needs an extreme makeover (because it doesn’t), we believe in the power of sisterhood to co-create a more gratifying existence. Whether you’re building an epic life itinerary, looking for creative inspiration, or bored on your lunch break, we hope you’ll join us… in the FEMMEZONE!
Roya + Jen

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Roya + Jen 2002

Topics We Explore


Style is more than fashion and the latest trends. Our “sense of style” can be a manifestation of our preferences, personality, culture, finances, habits, and more. Style can be an extension of our mood on a particular day or an overall expression of our identit(ies). In short, fashion comes and goes but style is eternal. 
We explore STYLE through mood boards, photography, typography, and other visual musings that illustrate the important topics we address in our articles and conversations. We speak with fashion designers, report on trends, model new products, and parse the internet to bring you style edits and updates we think you’ll love.


Our goal is not to reinforce a standard definition of beauty, but to explore the complexities surrounding what constitutes “beautiful” in society. Showing up in full glam doesn’t detract from one’s intellect in the same way that going #nomakeup doesn’t minimize one’s femininity. Rather than viewing beauty solely as a heteronormative way to attract the opposite sex, we explore it as a gender-nonbinary form of self-expression. 
In our BEAUTYsection we research and try out new formulas, interview professionals and influencers, write honest reviews o products, and share our favorite recommendations. We address cult favorites, sustainable products, skincare rituals, and more. We also maintain an up-to-date Beauty Glossary that serves as a go-to “index” of all the products we’ve ever mentioned for use as a reference guide next time you go shopping. 

Health + Wellness

Our HEALTH + WELLNESS section takes an unbiased approach to exploring different modalities, treatments, practices, and lifestyles that support holistic wellbeing. We are open to bodies of research both eastern and western, ancient and modern, somatic & psychosomatic. We believe that the foundation of good health is built with a positive + open mind, informed decision-making, and trusting your intuition. 

We cover nutrition, fitness, holistic healing, psychology, meditation, energy medicine, dermatology, prescription medication, mental health, medical cosmetology, and more. We present our findings through expert interviews, research, statistics, and data. We deeply value accuracy and strive to debunk myths, separate fact from fiction, and hold space for lived experiences. We hope that our HEALTH + WELLNESS section will inspire you and/or teach you something new with each visit.

Art + Culture

Art truly embodies the essence of FEMMEZONER because it is accountable to no-one. It doesn’t have to be beautiful, meaningful, or prescribed – it just is, just as we all are. ART + CULTURE is a virtual art gallery presented through visuals, articles, interviews, and guest author contributions. 

FEMMEZONER’s ART + CULTURE sectionpresents stories of millennial women who go against the grain to chase their dreams, shunting the notion that success is exclusively reserved for linear left-brainers and good test-takers. We encourage readers to excavate their own unique path to success. We hope that our continuously evolving collection of artwork and commentary opens your eyes to new perspectives and serves as inspiration for your next project.

You’re Probably a FEMMEZONER if…

You’ve been called “sassy” in lieu of a sense of humor.

You’ve disappointed your parents with an arts degree.

You’ve gone to the club in sneakers.

You’ve lost all senses of space and time from being so absorbed in a project you love.

You’ve spent 10,000 hours in Youtube fine-tuning your craft.

You’ve questioned your existence and overarching life purpose (this is normal, and we encourage you to take advantage of the feeling to grow!)

You’ve felt a little alienated because of your lifestyle habits and/or priorities don’t always align with the rest of your friends.

You don’t believe in ceilings.

You relish in anti-social Friday nights.

You’re living your best life for YOU.

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