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two elephants touch faces

What Animals Can Teach Us About Grief

Written by Dr. Nandi Hetenyi Unworthiness does not exist in nature. Neither does depression, anxiety, trauma, or addiction. There are no trees, flowers, plants, insects, elements or animals that worry


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Vegan Banana Ice Cream

A cold treat with zero artificial sugars and is as good for you on the inside as it is on your taste buds. Serve it up in a fancy glass

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Our HEALTH + WELLNESS section takes an unbiased approach to exploring different modalities, treatments, practices, and lifestyles that support holistic wellbeing. We are open to bodies of research both eastern and western, ancient and modern, somatic & psychosomatic. We believe that the foundation of good health is built with a positive + open mind, informed decision-making, and trusting your intuition. 

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