#StyleEdit: 5 of Our Favorite Indie Designers in Swim/Loungewear for Summer 2021

by Jennifer Karami

Beachwear, clubwear, loungewear, intimates, lingerie… My very favorite articles of clothing tend to be impractical yet cute, not something you could wear to the office per se, but since we’ll likely be spending summer 2020 inside, I feel they’re now more appropriate than ever. You could wear these pieces at home, at a festival or rave (lol, remember those?), on the beach, or just sunbathing on the roof or backyard. Since we’re all dressed up with nowhere to go, let’s get weird!

1. Laina Rauma 

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Club Bed: Glitterati ✨💫 now shipping

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Laina does whatever the heck she wants, and it’s inspiring asf. She’s the queen of high cut bottoms, velvet and satin, and glittery extra-ness. Laina makes huge, drapey menswear-inspired sweatsuits that you could drown in and teensy bikinis that leave nothing to the imagination, with little in-between. LR does capsule collections with limited restocks, so if you like something, cop it asap. She gives great general life advice on her blog and instagram, and no, she won’t make a full-coverage swimsuit anytime soon, so stop asking.

laina rauma dress models

laina rauma dress models

Website: www.lainarauma.com

2. Adriana Sahar 

Adriana is a BRAT, and I mean that in the best way possible. She designs clothes for those of us who loved BRATZ dolls > Barbies. She serves major Lisa Frank vibes with her dazzlingly bright, psychedelic day-glo colors. Give me all the stretchy,  skin-tight slips and fur bralettes, henny!

Website: adrianasahar.com

3. Ozcult 

ozcult with snake

Ozcult is an otherworldly, new-age goddess who makes the daintiest lingerie sets out of materials like mesh and tulle. I imagine putting these on is like slipping into a mystical realm and consorting with the divine feminine.

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An aura, a mood, a finspiration

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Website: ozcult.com

4. Sororite Vintage 

Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 7.42.49 PM

Sororite Vintage has de cuuutest lingerie, vintage luxury corsets, they only drop new collections on Friday’s and they’re all one of a kind so get it before it sells out cause once it’s gone it’s gone! I LURRRVE how sustainable their operation is, since all their stuff is thrifted + upcycled. Ugh, I miss thrifting! Luckily they did it for us.

Website: sororitevintage.com

5. Isa Boulder 

Isaboulder’s stuff is funkaaay and I am here for it! Chunky knit bikinis in muted and bright colors. Pants that double as shoes. Their stuff is so whimsical it gives me dr Seuss vibes. But look at this ruched bikini! AHHH! It’s the roaring twenties, people.

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 12.01.25 PM

Website: isaboulder.com

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