Email Templates to Send to Your Representative/Senator for #GeorgeFloyd

General Template for Elected Government Officials: State and Local Officials, as Well as Congress Members (Representatives and Senators):

To the Office of (Insert Individual)

        My name is (Insert name) and I demand to know why there has been (a lack of action, inexcusable conduct, a slow response time, etc.) in regards to (insert event name). The lack of accountability on your team’s part shows a blatant disregard not only for the well-being of the members of your community, but also for the most vulnerable segments of your community. I urge you to take quick and decisive action in order to rectify the situation and I demand that you hold the guilty parties accountable so that justice may be served.

        Communities across America are rallying together in order to show solidarity and it is absolutely ridiculous that an (elected official, government official, basically just any adjective that describes their job) such as yourself is showing such a high degree of incompetence or even apathy at this time. Your community deserves better than this, the families of the people involved deserve better than this, and the oath you swore to your office most certainly deserves better than this.

        Please make a point to resolve this issue as quickly as possible. Show your community that you still care about their needs and prove to them that you are still worthy of your title and office. Should you prove otherwise, know that you will be replaced with someone who is.


        (Your name)

For Elected Government Officials Regarding George Floyd, State and Local Officials, as Well as Congress Members (Representatives and Senators)

To (Insert Title Here),

        I am writing to you today to demand a response from your office regarding the murder of George Floyd. As you are well aware, Mr. Floyd was senselessly killed in broad daylight and the officer who murdered him was only recently charged when an entire city began to protest this miscarriage of justice. I want to know exactly what legislation you plan to introduce or support in order to curtail not only the militarization of America’s police forces, but their consistent abuse of power. Are you going to stand against the President’s calls to shoot protestors? Are you aware that Antifa is NOT an actual organization with members or hierarchy, and that its recent designation as a terrorist group will allow law enforcement to exercise “extreme prejudice” against American protestors by classifying them as domestic terrorists?

Where was this energy in the aftermath of the Charlottesville riots? What did you do to ensure such a tragedy never happened again? If you legitimately worked towards change, I applaud you and I hope that you will continue to advocate and legislate towards a safer and more inclusive America. If you stood silent and choose to continue to remain silent, know that you are complicit in the wanton erosion of civil liberties and wholesale murder of American lives.

Do not refer me to your press page. Do not tell me to sign up for your newsletter. Do not give me or my fellow constituents half-baked responses that only serve as PR. Give us real change. Do your job. Tell me how you plan to rescind political donations from police unions and other organizations that have helped militarize our officers. Tell me how your office plans to donate to mutual aid funds or freedom funds. Do not give me empty words.

Respectfully yours,

(Your name)

The article has been adapted from the #GeorgeFloyd Resources Google Doc.

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