Behind the Scenes in Creating the ‘Black is King’ Wardrobe

Beyonce’s wardrobe from her film, Black is King, was a force of its own. Unsurprisingly, the whole world came to a screeching halt when Black is King released and had a major moment in fashion. Alon Livné, Israeli fashion designer, recently sat down with Vogue to talk about the creative process that went into 3 of his custom designs he made for the film. Consequently, the dazzling array of Afrocentric couture left us feeling dizzy and disoriented with big heart eyes, as we were happily wooed by nothing short of a cinematic masterpiece. Livné’s designs were particularly iconic as they were showcased during prominent parts of the film. In conclusion, looking into the craftsmanship behind her looks only made us fall further in love.

An Army of Fashion Royalty

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Pictured here, Beyoncé wears a headdress is entirely handmade of pearls. She wears a custom Livné: a hand-crocheted dress with a corseted bodice and voluminous, off-the-shoulder and puffed sleeves that defy the laws of gravity. (Vogue)

Handcrafted with Precision

Beyoncé in custom Alon Livné, Black is King
Beyoncé in custom Alon Livné
(photo courtesy of Disney Plus x Vogue)

From afar, Livné’s crimson coat looks like fur. Up close, you will see that it was entirely made by hand. He gathered and stitched together small strips of tulle. He said that “It took six days just to sew it.” (VOGUE)

A Silk Goddess Emerges

Beyonce in organza silk from Black is King

The Winged Victory of Samothrace in the Louvre was the inspiration behind the look. Initially, Livné and his team soldered a metal “shell” to create a winged shape, then draped it by hand with organza silk…[creating] the same dramatic folds and movement as the original sculpture, only in creamy ivory silk.” (VOGUE)  Note: that same sculpture is in her music video, “APESH*T”, from 2017’s Everything is Love.

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