“I am a woman phenomenally.”
-Maya Angelou

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The Coolest Skincare Rabbit Hole You’ll Ever Come Across

This well-loved Allure-recommended reddit thread is famously known for skincare hacks, product recommendations from seasoned consumers + great advice from professions. Any weird question or curiosity you’ve ever experienced can be found on this thread. It’s quite magical.

Our goal is not to reinforce a standard definition of beauty, but to explore the complexities surrounding what constitutes “beautiful” in society. Showing up in full glam doesn’t detract from one’s intellect in the same way that going #nomakeup doesn’t minimize one’s femininity. Rather than viewing beauty solely as a heteronormative way to attract the opposite sex, we explore it as a gender-nonbinary form of self-expression. 

In our BEAUTY section we research and try out new formulas, interview professionals and influencers, write honest reviews of products, and share our favorite recommendations. We address cult favorites, sustainable products, skincare rituals, and more. We also maintain an up-to-date Beauty Glossary that serves as a go-to “index” of all the products we’ve ever mentioned for use as a reference guide next time you go shopping. 


All of Our Favorite Beauty Products We’ve Ever Recommended.
All SUMMARIZED Into an Easy List We Will Constantly Update.


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