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A space where we feature incredible women that are killing it as small business owners/freelancers/independents in the arts. We interview these women to share their stories, to answer your burning questions and to provide advice for those of you thinking of pursuing a similar career that goes against the “9-5” rules. We are so inspired by these stories and we can’t wait for you to get in on the hype.


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Bright Colors to Lift the Spirits

In the thick of Quarantine, this week felt especially heavy around the world. Color blocking, unexpected combinations and bright neons were the vibe that was speaking to our hearts this

Binge-Worthy Movies + TV to Escape the Quarantine

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The Virtual ART Exhibit

A Curated Collection of Artists with Dreamy Instagram Feeds We’re Inspired By

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Romantic + Feminine

Old cathedrals, delicate lace finishes, dainty jewelry, vintage architecture, renaissance paintings, and other dreamy imagery to feel romantic and feminine.

Retro Chicks

Fashion icons and female powerhouses through the decades.

A Tangerine Love Story

90’s Nostalgia

What 90s kid doesn’t want to be reminded of all things that made their childhood so gosh-darn magical?