Knits and Crocheted Pieces Are Your Answer for a Perfect Summer

by Roya Ansari

Knits and crocheted pieces have been taking over my Instagram feed lately and I’m not mad by it at all. Indie fashion designers have served up in gorgeous pieces unexpected color combinations, funky patterns or thoughtfully-placed embellishments; so much so that each article feels incredibly personalized and special. Whether it’s a classic knit sweater or cardigan, or perhaps something more unexpected like a crocheted swimwear or lingerie, there’s something so effortless and cool about this season’s modern masterpieces. I can see that creatives have been taking advantage of the extra time from the Quarantine to pick up that hobby they’ve been meaning to get to.

It’s hard to find the right word to describe that specific feeling I get when I wear a piece that was handcrafted carefully just for me. Personalized, exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces, and organic imperfections that only come from something being handmade has never been more in demand. It makes sense we crave anti-fast fashion when we live in a world where there will be 500 different brands of the same sunscreen in a grocery isle. Not only that, but anti-fast fashion offers the same exclusivity to the general public as high fashion designers provide for the elite.

I felt particularly entranced by designs that drew inspiration from the 60s and 70s flower-power movement. Color palettes that paint the perfect summer’s day: mimicking sunshine, clear skies and sprinkles of poppy flowers that look carefully placed by God, Herself. Here is a collection of my favorite indie small businesses that create gorgeous colorful knits and bits that are hand-made and sustainable.

These Colossal Knits by Hope Macaulay

These Brightly Colored Crocheted Pieces by @ShopFluffy

This Sustainable Hand-Made Crochet Brand, GimmeKaya Crochet


These Groovy Pieces by @Midnight.Salad

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